Misano Red RS5


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We admit it. We’re old. Well, in “web years” I guess we’re pretty darn old. This site was born back on May 8th, 1998 and if you’re a long time member you know it has gone through several redesigns over the years. How things have changed!

We’ve been running the old PostNuke based site for what seems like forever and it is well past time to move on for a number of reasons.  We’re now running a far more user friendly back-end and looking to do more with the web site in 2013.  We’re also looking for writers, bloggers or anyone who would enjoy taking an active role in building the S-Cars community.


“S” is for social? No, not entirely but you will notice that you can now make friend connections with follow owners and can even post activity updates about what you’re up to with you car(s). I encourage you to jump right in and give it a whirl. Dive into the forums as well and start some discussions. We REALLY need help from you, the enthusiasts, to make this site all that it can be.

In closing, we’d like to extend a special thanks to the S and RS car owners and enthusiasts who make this site what it is.  We’ve been known for our more mature and level headed users over the years and we hope to see that trend continue.  Thanks and enjoy!

Darin Nederhoff

Founder, S-CARS.ORG

P.S. – It has come to our attention that Internet Explorer users may encounter some site compatibility issues when trying to view the web site. Prior to sending out our update e-mail the site was tested with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari via iPhone and it seemed to be about the same in each. Since then however it appears that we’ve got an issue which is causing the registration and login box along with site menu and polls to vanish from the right side of the screen.

We’re looking for the cause of this issue but in the meantime if you’ve got another web browser at your disposal we’d suggest using it to view the site. You’ll be missing out if you don’t.
Finally, since the registration link is missing for IE users, you can do so directly via this URL: https://s-cars.org/register