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Please add your vehicle to our registry. Owners of multiple vehicles will have to enter one at a time.

About the S-CAR Registry: We established the original Audi S series owner registry back in the late nineties and it has undergone several different revisions since then. We’ve decided to revive the registry in hopes of seeing how many of these vehicles are still left on the roads. Think of it as a global census of sorts. Please help us spread the word so that we can get as much data as possible in hopes of determining the “survival rate” of these cars. Thank you and safe travels!

Once you add your registry entry you will receive a confirmation link via email. This confirmation link will allow you to add additional photos and edit additional fields not initially available during initial sign up. The confirmation link also allows you to delete your entry in the future if so desired.

Please note that we do not sell or provide any user data to any advertisers or outside organizations. The information you provide is done solely at your discretion and will be viewable only by other registered members of this web site after July 4th, 2018.

It is important to note that creating a vehicle registry entry on this web site does NOT automatically create a user account on the site. You may create vehichle registry entries and manage them separately without having a full user account here. In order to view other registry entries, place classified ads or access password protected areas of our site you’ll need a user account as well. You can do that here.