10 Years of S-Ness… and Counting!

It is hard to believe, but ten years ago o­n May 8th, 1998 this web site was first launched. In’S’anity? Perhaps, but the site lives o­n a decade later.

Speaking of insanity, I’ve been working hard o­n an all new S-CARS.ORG web site as a way to celebrate our first ten years and to launch the next ten. I have a few issues to sort out with the new site and then I will be able to start moving all of the content from the current site over to the new o­ne. A daunting task for sure, but it must be done. My dream of being able to launch the all new site o­n the tenth anniversary date turned out to be just that… a dream. Have no fear though, work goes o­n and I’ll unveil the new site as soon as I am able.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed FAQ content, donations, photos, and even emails over the last ten years. Audi S and RS series enthusiasts are an awfully friendly bunch of people but I’m sure that you, the reader, already know that!

Darin Nederhoff
Founder & Editor