Green Monstah on the dyno

Green Monstah on the dyno


Well, we were headed to the dyno with Brendan to do some logging to see if my butt dyno was gonna agree wit da Superflow about moh powah foh Da Monstah. I met Brendan at Carz in Lakewood, CO this morning bright and early. Temps were in the high 60s on a gorgeous Colorado Autumn day. The only changes on the car were a set of fresh seals on the Comp Turbo, a new Turbosmart wastegate with a 14lb spring, and 1500 miles of break-in on Da Monstah. To refresh your memory, the car pulled 674hp/591tq with the Tial WG and a 1 bar spring. With a couple of shots to the NOS serpentine spray bar to purge the nitrous  we were off with a high boost run. This time the car pulled 35lbs of boost. The results were stunning to say the least:

755hp/710tq at the wheels!!!

I should also mention that the silver line running to the engine is to measure back pressure to the turbo. When the tubular exhaust manifold was built, we attached a threaded bung on every runner to be able to measure things like back pressure and EGT for each cylinder. The motor was only showing 5 lbs of pressure which is excellent for this boost level.

Unfortunately the sensor the dyno guys were using stopped reading the rpm midway through the run because the motor had torqued itself over from the strain of the pull and moved too far away from the sensor. We had to get my car off the dyno so they could do some more VEMS tuning on BABS’ car so we pulled my car off to get some real work done.

The next phase that I was planning for the car involved sending the turbo to the Comp Turbo guys for them to machine out the compressor housing a little to accept a billet compressor wheel and having them rebalance the turbo. Given the 750hp+ that the car puts down, I can safely say that I see no reason to go any further. I’ll also be running the car on the low boost program which still gives me 28lbs. Plenty nough for the street, I say.

Hap, wit dakine Monstah numbahs not from Evahboost, Maguire