On May 8th, 1998 we launched the very first S-CARS.ORG site under the Audi-S-Cars.com domain. We would fairly quickly rebrand as S-CARS.ORG and have run with that ever since. We do have something special in store for our 20th year and look forward to bringing you some fresh content on the web site.

For starters, we’re working on a new UrS4/UrS6 Buyer’s Guide that will not only be available as a print version on our site but will also include a video version. We just need to wait for some warm weather here in MN before we can start filming.

Thanks to all of the long-time enthusiasts who’ve been with us in the S-CAR Registry and S-CARS.ORG / S-Car Preservation Society groups on Facebook. Stay tuned… more 20th anniversary fun is to come!