Who manufactured my CD changer?

If you have the 6 disc changer, it is an Alpine (Audi p/n: 4D0 035 111). If you have the 10 disc changer, it is a Sony/Blaupunkt (Audi p/n: 4A0 035 111).

Where can I get additional cartridges?

The Sony XA-10B Cartridge will work in the 10 disc changer. These cartridges should be readily available.

What is the procedure for entering my radio security code?

1. Turn on the radio.

2. Press the FM1 and the AM buttons at the same time, – hold them down until “1000” lights up in the display.

3. Use station buttons 1 to 4 to input the radio code. If the code starts with “1”, just use buttons 2, 3, and 4 because the “1” is already displayed. If the code starts with “0” then press button 1 once to toggle the “1” to a “0”.

4. Press button 2 as many times as the second digit of your code. Do the same thing with buttons 3 for the third digit and 4 for the fourth digit.

5. Once the correct code is shown on the display, again press the FM1 and the AM buttons at the same time. Hold them down until the word “SAFE” appears in the frequency display. Release the buttons. Soon afterward a frequency will be displayed and the radio is unlocked.

As you probably figured out, if you do this wrong twice in a row, you will have to turn the radio off and wait about an hour before you can try again.

Sony/Blaupunkt 10 CD Changer

The Audi 10 CD changer was manufactured by Blaupunkt under license from Sony, which would make it a Blau/Sony with Audi markings. I figured that a Sony was going to be easier to find, so that’s what I ended up with. The unit in my car is a Sony CDX-A30, which fits the stock mounting brackets perfectly.

10 Disc CD Changer

10 Disc CD Changer

Sony CDX-A30

Sony CDX-A30











As far as I know, as long as it has the single 13 pin DIN cable hookup (the blue cable shown in the picture) it should interface properly with the stock radio and transceiver (the transceiver is what makes the changer visible to the radio).

Part numbers:
Transceiver: 4A0 035 239 (Blaupunkt 7 607 765 082)
Bracket: 4A5 035 113 (sedan)
Cover: 4A0 863 716 (sedan)

For what it is worth, a quick search on “Sony CDX-A30” at deja.com turned up the following information – Caveat emptor, no warranty expressed or implied, etc. 😉

John Durbin wrote:

In chronological order:
Sony CDX-A20 OK, a little noisy esp. with some head models
Sony CDX-A30 Watch for leaky caps taking out the +/- 5V DC converter
Sony CDX-A2001 30V supply driving the audio stage, nice D/A converter
Sony CDX-A15 Leaky cap problem solved during CDX-A15 production
Sony CDX-A100 suspension, last of the big rotary loaders
Sony CDX-A55 DIN cable is M-M instead of M-F, jams to clear

John Durbin, DEI Audio

Steve Mills