Join The S and RS Car Owner Registry!

If you have been an S-CARS.ORG follower for many years there is a good chance you remember our early S-Car Registry. In fact, the origins of this site date way back to 1995 with the creation of an online Audi owner registry site that was called Autobahnia. You’re *really* from the old school if you can remember that far back.

At any rate, our site (and the registry) have gone through a number of evolutions over the years and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve relaunched the Audi S and RS Owner’s Registry here at S-CARS.ORG. The registry is open to all owners of Audi’s S and RS series cars as well as the 20 valve 200, Sport Quattro and R8 series cars. At the present time, “S-Line” edition cars are not included although we may add them in the future.

UrS4 and UrS6 owners: We really need you! We’re trying to get as many of these vehicles registered as possible in order to get an indication of how many of them remain in service. Please register your car and share the link with as many other UrS owners as you can. We even encourage you to register vehicles that have been totaled or taken out of service for one reason or another. Think of this as a global UrS census of sorts! Please, help spread the word and build the registry!

Ready to do it? >>> REGISTER HERE <<<