The 1.8T Coil Pack Conversion for 1992-1997 Audi S4/S6

1.8T Coil Pack Conversion

1.8T Coil Pack Conversion

I’ve been developing this conversion in my head for a number of years because I always thought that, eventually, our OEM coils would no longer be made and I wanted a back-up plan for my car. In the last four or five months, I noticed that I was getting some missing/bucking under WOT, and high boost, at high speed. I figured coil (or POS) but I didn’t want to spend the money o­n replacing old (but perhaps robust) technology when newer technology is out there.

I know all about the 1.8t coil pack recall o­n some of the Bremi-made coil packs but I think that VW/Audi is through all that now. For whatever reason (excess supply, the need to do some good PR), these coil packs are now very reasonably priced. Since I had the need and the price was right (about $200 – $250 for the parts versus the OEM equivalent of about $900 for five coils, two OEM POS units and five spark plug connectors), I decided to make the conversion.

This conversion is intended as an alternative to the original equipment (OE) ignition system that uses two 3-channel power output stages (POSs) and five individual coils each with a replaceable sparkplug connector. The 1.8 t coil pack conversion described in the pdf o­n works but there are no guarantees about improved performance or freedom from failures. The 1.8t coil packs have built-in POS units as well as coils and plug connectors. At the time of writing this, these 06B 905 115L coil packs were about $30 each. In comparison, the OE POSs were about $150 each (and you need two) and the OE coils were about $115 each (and you need five). So even if the odd 115L coil pack fails every o­nce and awhile, they are far less expensive than the original ignition system.


Conversion story and PDF contributed by Dave Forgie