A Rare Find… 1985 UrQuattro You Can Own!

A Rare Find… 1985 UrQuattro You Can Own!

Offers no longer being accepted...

The owner of the car is currently reviewing all of the offers received and will be contacting the next potential owner in the next day or two. Thank you to everyone who made offers!

1985 Audi Quattro Turbo Coupes don’t exactly grow on trees these days. When I first saw this car at my friend Ed’s place in Colorado back in 2003 it was quite a find even back then. It was certainly no show car even then but it had solid bones as they say and ran and drove just fine. It seemed to need cosmetics more than anything else and I jokingly tried to convince Ed to sell it to me cheap so I could restore it. It only took him 14 years to decide to part with it and of course now I’m not in any position to take on a restoration.

Ed recently made a comment in another web site forum about selling the car and offers started coming in out of the woodwork in the ten to twelve-thousand dollar range with almost everyone trying to seal the deal quickly. This presented a bit of a dilemma for my friend as he wants the car to go to a good home that will bring it back to proper condition. He also doesn’t want to feel foolish for having sold it too cheaply. It’s a fine line with unique cars like this and his goal is to have no regrets knowing he got a fair price and it will go to a good home.

With that said, you’l notice a contact form on this page. Use this contact form to submit your inquiry and/or best offer for the car before July 28th, 2017. Ed will do his best to respond to emailed inquiries and I’ll post additional updates etc. on this page if he has more to add.

The following information has been submitted by the seller…

1985 WX graphite/black leather, 15×8 Ronal wheels, Kevlar/composite trunk lid.
Shows 88k miles but odometer is broken. If it wasn’t broken too long before I got it, then it’s got about 100k miles on it. I have a new 0-mile speedo in a box.
Timing belt, water pump, etc. done a couple years and less than 5k miles ago.
H4 headlights, no relay. I have a set of euro lights that are not installed.
Boost controller knob that tweaks the vacuum read by the ECU.
Someone welded in a small roll bar in the interior. It is only in the back seat.
Old style CGT steering wheel which looks like the original wheel in the 83 urq but without the “turbo” labelling. Stock steering wheel is like later CGT/4kq wheels.
Converted to K26 water-cooled turbo.
It has some sort of short shift kit that is very direct and nice.
I bought it in about 2002. It was in South Carolina where I had moved from in 1999. My mechanic found it semi-abandoned at a muffler shop. He bought it and got it running and called me. I got on a plane the next day to go pick it up and drive back to Colorado. Made the trip without issue. Was afraid to run the heater and I found that the heated seats worked.
A little while after returning to CO I had the AC system checked and it held a vacuum so I had it charged with R12 and that lasted a few years.
I have replaced the front control arms and strut inserts.
It has fairly new, very low mileage 225/50-15 tires.
Overall the condition is rough but complete.
The glass is all good, windshield not cracked/pitted, though not new.
Clearcoat is missing in many places with the graphite paint color worn of on the roof and a couple of other small places.
The front and rear air dam/under-bumpers have some cracks and evidence of a repair or two.
I believe there has been some body work on the passenger side.
It has hit something in the front passenger corner that tweaked things a bit, but the hood still closes.
There is a small amount of rust through in the battery box under the back seat.
Not aware of any other rust, but I haven’t gone looking. I have been under it and jacked it from all four jack points and haven’t seen any. The floors are good.
I installed a firewall clutch brace and new master and slave cylinders years ago.
I installed new front control arms and front struts.
Currently it has no power assist for brakes or steering because a little round freeze plug kind of thing popped out of the hydraulic system “block” that the pressure accumulator attaches to. I have bought a vacuum assist setup from a CGT but have not installed any of it. I have inflated the tires up to max cold pressure and it’s drivable.
Needs window regulators. I bought some new ones of the upgraded type, not Pimax, but when I went to install, I realized they must be for an earlier year of CGT/urq due to the mounting holes not quite lining up. I was going to start drilling but I again hesitated in deviating from stock.


There you have it! After July 28th, this 1985 UrQuattro will be going to a new home. If it winds up being YOUR home we’d love to hear your plans for the car and follow the progress.

Submit your questions and offers to Ed before it is too late.

A Note Regarding Offers...

I had a conversation with my friend concerning the offer process and condition of the car. If you submit a offer and your offer is accepted you will be given the first chance to buy the car at the offer price. With that said, the seller will certainly allow you to have a pre-purchase inspection completed for your peace of mind and to ensure that the condition of the car is as represented in the photos and text. If, after inspection, you no longer wish to purchase the car the seller will allow you to bow out and contact will be made with the next buyer in line.

Upon completion of the offer term (July 28th) contact will be made with the potential buyer within 48 hours. The buyer then has 24 hours to respond to the seller (make contact) and arrangements can be made for an inspection at buyer’s expense if desired. If potential buyer does not respond to seller within 24 hours, the vehicle may be offered to the next person in line.

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