Want To Join The Editorial Team?

S-CARS.ORG was built as a community based content management system with an easy to use back-end interface.

Are you an S-CAR owner and enthusiast that would like to help create new content, FAQs, etc. or simply help manage what is already here o­n the site? If so I would encourage you to contact me and introduce yourself. If you are selected, you will be given site editor status which will enable to you actively contribute and edit the content o­n this site. Feel creative? Here is your outlet!

I’d love to pump some new life into the S-CARS site for 2010 but I cannot do it alone. It would be wonderful to find some model specific expert enthusiasts looking to use their talents to make the site better. You can be a contributing editor or head up an entire division (I.E. S8 Division Editor) All division editors will be given an S-CARS.ORG email alias (if desired) as well as some other organizational bonuses.

The rules:

Site editors will have pretty much free creative control of their content but they will be expected to adhere to a few simple rules.

1. English language
2. Professional and polite. The site is PG-13 rated.
3. Respect intellectual copyrights. Get permission before reposting info from elsewhere o­nline and give credit.
4. Have fun… it isn’t a job, it is an outlet for you to express your creatively and meet a lot of interesting fellow S and RS car owners from around the world.
5. Be active. Don’t sign up so you can get press passes for your local auto show… do something. You don’t have to post every day or even every week, but everyone will benefit if you make an effort.

If that sounds interesting please send me a private message within the forums or email me at ( editor AT s-cars . org )

ANY registered user of S-CARS.ORG is able to contribute their own stories, FAQ, content, etc. to this site so even if you don’t want to take o­n an editorial role you can still be a part of shaping what is seen o­n the site.