UrS4 / UrS6 Airbag Warning Light Fix

UrS4 / UrS6 Airbag Warning Light Fix

This procedure addresses the false two-minute airbag warning light that occurs upon vehicle startup for some vehicles.


vehicle maintenance records
thin blade screwdriver
4 mm allen wrench


If you have a ’92, verify that the KF14 recall was done on your car. If so, you have an AIRBAG II system. The dealer can tell by your S/N if the recall was done. If not, then let the dealer upgrade your airbag and fix the light for free! Pry the trim piece off that surrounds your HVAC Central Control. BE CAREFUL to go slowly. See the procedure here: HVAC Head Unit Trim Removal. Unscrew the two 4 mm Allen Head screws that hold on the trim piece spring clips. Lift out the central control unit and swing it out so it rest on the passenger seat. Use a flashlight to help you see the AIRBAG triggering unit (labeled as such). Note the connector on the left side of the triggering unit and note the grey foam that is just above the connector. Inside the foam are the two 2-pin connectors that hook up to the VAG-COM. These connectors are identical to the ones under the left side of the hood, used to access fault codes. Push back the foam to connect the VAG-COM. Turn vehicle ignition to ON. Follow the VAG-COM menu to view and clear your fault codes: Menu 1 – Click Select Menu 2 – Click 15 – Airbags

Menu 3 – Click Fault Codes – 02

Menu 4 – Click Clear Codes – 05

Install is reverse of uninstall. You’re finished!

Rob Pecsar