How do I program the 1995.5 and later Radio Frequency Keyless Remotes?

FAQ by Ian Duff

Note:This is NOT the procedure for infrared remotes.

Here’s how to get all the remotes to lock and unlock the doors. Which key goes where does not matter, since we’re reprogramming the remotes, not the keys (keys are not programmable, anyway). There is no correlation between key and remote, except for the prestige of having the lighted key.

You will need:

1. All radio frequency remotes, with good batteries. Simplest is to replace the batteries with new o­nes. I used Duracell DL2032.
2. Two keys. Coincidentally, the lighted key uses o­ne 625 watch/camera battery, and bulb p/n N 902 625 01.


1. Put o­ne key in the ignition, and turn to “On”, dash lights lit, but car not running. Get out and close the driver’s door. Might not be a bad idea to roll down the driver’s window, to ensure you don’t lock yourself out (you can’t really, but it does give some peace of mind)
2. Put the other key in the driver’s door lock.
3. Lock the car with the key in the driver’s door.
4. Press both buttons o­n the first remote until car unlocks. This should take about 5 seconds.
5. Set the remote aside, and select the next remote. Note: Do NOT turn the ignition off between remotes.
6. Lock the car again with the key in the driver’s door.
7. Press both buttons o­n the next remote until car unlocks.
8. If you have more than two remotes, repeat 6) and 7) with each succeeding remote until done.
9. Turn the ignition off and remove the key.
10. The remotes should now all work. They should each lock and unlock the car.


Here’s how to get the remotes to invoke the appropriate stored seat memory position.

You will need:

1. All radio frequency remotes, as above.
2. Seat memory buttons programmed to desired settings.

1. Select the remote you want to invoke seat memory position o­ne.
2. With the ignition off, open the driver’s door, and leave it open.
3. Press seat memory button o­ne, and wait for the seat and mirror to move to the stored position.
4. With the driver’s door still open, lock the car by pressing the lock button o­n the remote. The car will lock, except for the driver’s door.
5. Press and hold the seat memory button o­ne.
6. Press and release the unlock button o­n the remote.
7. When the car unlocks, release seat memory button o­ne. The first remote is now programmed to both lock and unlock, and to invoke seat memory position o­ne. Set it aside as completed.
8. Repeat 12) through 16), using the appropriate seat memory button, until you’ve programmed each of your remotes.

You have completed programming all your radio frequency remotes to invoke the appropriate seat memory position.


You can test success as follows:

1. Close the driver’s door. Lock the car using remote o­ne. The car should lock.
2. Unlock car using remote o­ne. The car should unlock.
3. Open the door. The seat and driver’s door rear view should move to memory position o­ne.
4. Repeat 18), 19) and 20) with each succeeding remote.

Ta da! You should be in business!