a Decade of der //Fest… 8/27 cometh!

Join us Saturday, August 27, 2011 for //SFX… a Decade of //SFest… Hosted by, and located at 2152 Boston Turnpike, Coventry, CT 06238.

A decade has passed since I spawned //SFest in my humble backyard in Tolland, CT. While it has grown and evolved, one constant that has remained SOLID is:


You all are the only reason there is //SFest, without you this would have died a quiet death yearses ago (I tried, really I did).

It is also unpossable w/o a solid team of //Staffers, which we have fortunately retained and attracted over the years. Me, I’m just the idjut ringleader… them… they make it happen.

You know who they are – reach out and give them a hug (ain’t kiddin, do it… w/o them I’d have packed my tent and gone home after //SFest2003 outgre