Enes’ RS4 conversion

I first met the owner of this car, Enes, back in 2009 at a local car show at one of our local Audi dealerships.  I remember him as being a very friendly if not somewhat soft-spoken guy who just happened to own this uber stunning looking S4 Biturbo.  Of course, it wasn’t just an S4 Biturbo… it had been given the full RS4 spa treatment including those oh-so-nice fat fenders and all.  Have mercy!

As it turned out, Enes had actually purchased the car from the second owner who didn’t drive it all that much.  Enes doesn’t seem to drive the car all that much either having put only 3,000 miles per year on the car since buying it.  Anyhow, the original owner of the car was in New York state and had a body shop, so the RS4 body conversion was done under his watchful eye.  Having seen the car up close I can also tell you that it was done exceptionally well as well.  This is what S4 Biturbos SHOULD be like.  They should hurt you a little bit with their beauty while still having a bit of that stealth factor intact.

Admittedly, Enes’ car has lost a bit of that stealth factor.  It looks mean.  Menacing actually.  It isn’t the fasted Biturbo S4 in North America but to most that doesn’t matter.  This car looks as if it could frighten your neighbor’s dog just by sitting in the garage.  Seeing it on the road is even more impressive.  Then again, I’ve never once seen the car dirty which makes me think that perhaps Enes would be a candidate in an O.C.D. treatment program (but then I’m afraid I’d have to join him).  Actually, he’s one-up on me as he doesn’t drive his S4 in the winter while I do drive mine.

It was a bit surprising to hear that Enes is actually selling his car.  After speaking with him he confessed to buying a couple of Porsches and that the S4 had simply been sitting in a secure garage waiting for attention.  He stated that he didn’t really need to sell it but really thought it might be best to have the car go to another hard core enthusiast who would drive it more frequently.  (I’m pretty sure I’d drive the wheels off of it myself if it were mine!)

Enes’ S4/RS4 At-A-Glance:

  • 6-Speed