• Yes, those have been my thoughts exactly. However, I just wanted someone who actually has been there and done that to confirm that in order to remove the petcock completely that little blue tab must be removed with a small screwdriver. Did you ever confirm that your car also has that blue tab protruding out […]

  • Here’s the pics: The top pic is a brand new petcock I was hoping to put on the car. The bottom pic is the original petcock presently on car. Slight coolant leak can be seen at arrow by small plastic rectangular tab. I just assumed this tab was part of the new petcock so I […]

  • Ok, here is a picture of the radiator drain petcock on car with the plug fully tightened. As you can see I have a slow drip at the blue rectangular plastic tab (denoted by arrow). This plastic tab seems to protrude out a bit,maybe about 1/8″. Also attached is a new radiator drain plug that […]

  • I am draining my radiator using the round plastic blue drain plug on passenger side lower radiator and have a question. I unscrew the plug about 5 complete revolutions, coolant drains out the drain tube but the drain plug does not want to loosen anymore and be completely removed. I don’t want to force it […]

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