Calling All Minneapolis Area UrS4/S6 Owners!

Calling All Minneapolis Area UrS4/S6 Owners!

If you own a 1992-1997 Audi S4 or S6 model car and live in or around the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro we need to hear from you!  We’re doing a bit of a roll-call in order to update our event contact notification list for an upcoming UrS gathering!  If you’re in St. Cloud, Mankato, Rochester or surrounding areas etc. we invite you as well.

Please take a moment to complete the form below and submit it to us.  Share it with any other UrS owners you might know in the area as well.  Please note that your contact info will be kept private UNLESS you select the box to share it with other owners.  Everyone who elects to share their entry info will receive a copy of the finished area directory of owners.  This info will NOT be posted publicly on the internet and will go only to others in the directory.

Thank you!

Current percentages of models in vicinity.  (The data below is not yet complete)

  • UrS4 46%
  • UrS6 30.7%
  • UrS6 Avant 23%

How many UrS4?

How many UrS6?

How many UrS6 Avants?

1993 S4 - Darin Nederhoff

Tornado Red “URS4” plate
Full RS2 spec.

1995.5 S6 Avant - Darin Nederhoff

Emerald Green on Ecru.  “URS6” plate.

1995 S6 Avant - Matt Bolles

Emerald Green
17″ BBS RC wheels

1995 S6 - Joe Sherbanenko

Silver on Platinum Gray
Stock as they come.

1993 S4 - John Tomlinson

Pearl White
Minty clean

1994 S4 - John Tomlinson

Tornado Red

1995 S6 Avant - Ryan Flynn

Emerald Green

1997 S6 - Robert Reul

Cashmere with Sport Cloth interior
“THURL” plate

1995 S6 - Alex

1993 S4 - Cole Clarke

1993 S4 - Derrik

Emerald Green

1995 S6 - Timo Savchuk

Pearl White
044-CZP plate.
“Quattro” Logo on lower door trim
17″ dark bronze B5 S4 (AVUS) wheels

1995 S6 Avant - Keith Hagen

1994 S4 - Erik Addy

Emerald Green on Ecru

1993 S4 - Kevin McRae

Black on Black

1993 S4 - Andy

Emerald Green
Often in Shakopee, MN area

1993 S4 - William

Emerald Green

1993 S4 - Tim Hedberg

Pearl White

1993 S4 - William

Emerald Green

1993 S4 - Matt T

Emerald Green on Black

1995 S6 - Alan Lizee

Silver on Black

1992 S4 - Scott

Black on Ecru

1995 S6 - Derek D.

Black on Black

1994 - Derek D.

Black on Black

1993 S4 - Derek D.

Pearl White on Black
(new paint)

1993 S4 - Stan N

Pearl White on Black

1994 S4 - Marlys N.

Pearl white on black
“Audi S4”

1993 S4 - Steve B.

Join The S and RS Car Owner Registry!

Join The S and RS Car Owner Registry!

If you have been an S-CARS.ORG follower for many years there is a good chance you remember our early S-Car Registry. In fact, the origins of this site date way back to 1995 with the creation of an online Audi owner registry site that was called Autobahnia. You’re *really* from the old school if you can remember that far back.

At any rate, our site (and the registry) have gone through a number of evolutions over the years and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve relaunched the Audi S and RS Owner’s Registry here at S-CARS.ORG. The registry is open to all owners of Audi’s S and RS series cars as well as the 20 valve 200, Sport Quattro and R8 series cars. At the present time, “S-Line” edition cars are not included although we may add them in the future.

UrS4 and UrS6 owners: We really need you! We’re trying to get as many of these vehicles registered as possible in order to get an indication of how many of them remain in service. Please register your car and share the link with as many other UrS owners as you can. We even encourage you to register vehicles that have been totaled or taken out of service for one reason or another. Think of this as a global UrS census of sorts! Please, help spread the word and build the registry!

Ready to do it? >>> REGISTER HERE <<<

Introducing The S-Car Preservation Society

Introducing The S-Car Preservation Society

If you are still driving an Audi UrS4 or UrS6 on a daily basis you likely know that they are generally pretty reliable.  The problem is that when something does go wrong or you need to find a part it is becoming more and more difficult to locate them.  Many cars wind up being parted out and their engines are transplanted into Coupe quattros or other Audis.

Well, a small group of original S car owners in the Minneapolis, MN area has come together to help change that and we invite you to join us.


Preserve and maintain S-Cars über alles

Despite the snooty sounding name the group exists for those of you who own one or more of Audi’s vintage legendary 20 valve five cylinder automobiles. UrS4, UrS6, S2, 200 quattro 20 valve, Sport Quattro and RS2 owners are all welcome.

This isn’t a group about modding for the most power although modified cars aren’t shunned here. The group is about dealing with the challenges of driving and maintaining some of Audi’s rarer models which seem to get rarer by the day. If you are determined to keep your classic 20 valver on the road and perhaps restore it to full glory this is the place for you.

If you believe strongly in the cause and think you might be able to contribute to the cause through posts on this page please drop us a line. Dedicated and passionate moderators would be welcome here and on our “parent” page of S-CARS.ORG. Thanks for joining and drive safely!

Decades of Duty… Tales of UrS4/UrS6 Daily Drivers

Decades of Duty… Tales of UrS4/UrS6 Daily Drivers

IMG_0175It is hard to believe that my UrS4 is now 20 years old. It certainly doesn’t look it, especially after a good spring detail. It also doesn’t look like it has covered more than 180,000 miles. In fact, it still does quite well in the regional car shows. This isn’t even some California cream puff. My car started life here in America in Michigan before coming into my care in Iowa (and now Minnesota.) All of these states have harsh winters and lots of road salt! My car survives!

I know several other friends here in the Twin Cities area that are still driving their C4 S4 or S6 as a daily driver as well. They somehow remain reliable enough for daily driving even after all these years. Amazing!

With that in mind, I decided that it would be fun to feature some of you who are still living with a UrS4 or UrS6 on a daily basis. I invite you to send me your ownership stories and photos to be featured here on S-CARS.ORG. Hopefully we’ll hear from people all over the world and publish some of their ups and downs of ownership.

Want to share your story? Simply email it to me at and include any photos of you or your car that you’d like to have included.

Thanks To Our Affiliates…

Thanks To Our Affiliates…

Please pardon our brief diversion from business as usual in order to do a little shameless promotion.  Well, we’d actually like to take a moment to express our appreciation for a couple of our affiliates.  These are obviously services that we use and have been happy with and therefore feel confident enough to share them with you.

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There you have it. I do hope you find the affiliates above to be up to your standards as well. I’m always a user before I become an affiliate of anything so I won’t plug something just for the sake of revenue. Your use of these services will benefit the PBVM which in turn helps pay our hosting costs as well as the cost of catalog acquisitions etc. Thank you very much for your support!