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S-CARS.ORG was developed during the Fall of 1997 and Spring of 1998. Our initial online debut took place on May 8th, 1998. Back then, the motive was quite simple. The Founder of the site, Darin Nederhoff, had a love for Audi’s high performance S series cars. If not for the “introduction” to the 1993 Audi S4 given to Darin and his father by Roger Evanson of Carousel Audi in Minneapolis, this site would not exist today. Roger is sadly no longer with us, but a special thanks goes out to him for being a real kind-hearted “car guy” and sparking an interest in these special cars.

Today, our mission at S-CARS.ORG remains largely unchanged. First and foremost, we’re a tight knit community of enthusiasts! We welcome anyone from around the world as long as they share this enthusiasm and treat other members with respect. It remains our goal to strengthen the world S & RS CAR communities by providing a knowledge base of owners and enthusiasts from around the globe. We hope this web community feels different than the rest… a bit more, well, personal! This is not a cold corporate blog… we love personality and we love the S and RS cars. If you do too, join us and by all means get active!

It is our goal to keep the site clean and logically organized while bringing you interesting content without all the “noise” associated with other sites. Our 2010 rebuild is a major step toward the future. We’re trying to keep it simple yet powerful and fun. Much like the Audi S and RS series cars themselves.

Meet The Editors

Darin Nederhoff, Founder

Darin’s interest in Audi quattros started back in 1992 as a high school junior. It was a lowly Audi 4000 CS quattro that gave him the “education” of what life could be like with an all wheel drive uber car. From there, it was a 1990 Coupe quattro 20 valve followed by a 1993 S4 that kept the fires burning. You might also recognize Darin’s name from his former role as the Webmaster for Audi Quattro Club USA (now Audi Club North America) back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Darin drives a full RS2 spec Tornado Red 1993 S4 that has won numerous awards at regional car shows.

Hap Maguire, Colorado S-CAR Mafioso

Some say he’s light headed from the altitude, some say he’s the Stig’s Hawaiian cousin. All WE know is that Hap is indeed the Flyin’ Hawaiian thanks to his “Emerald of The Rockies”. If you have been ANYWHERE on the web researching uber-highly-tuned UrS series cars, you’ve no doubt come across some pictures or details of Hap’s car. Hap is a former United Airlines Captain, but these days he flies low in his heavily modified UrS4. We welcome Hap to the crew of editorial geniuses here at S-CARS. Check out his column called Hap’s Peak within the Editorial Blogs section!

Paul Krasusky, The JNR Guy Out East

For the record, we’d like to point out that Mr. Krasusky is JNR (Just Not Right) in terms of his Audi passion. You see, he’s a former UrS6 driver and current S8 (V8) driver who has recently started doing some editorial dabbling over at European Car Magazine. Yeah well, he had to start SOMEWHERE before hitting the big time here at S-CARS.ORG. OK, so technically he sort of started here before hopping on board at European Car, but who’s really paying attention here anyhow? Check out Paul’s blog “Krasusky Corner” here on S-CARS under the Editorial Blogs section.