1994 UrS4 Side Mirror Glass Replacement

Sooner or later most UrS4/UrS6 owners find that their rear view mirrors have started to delaminate.  Why put up with decreased vision and an ugly mirror when a replacement heated mirror glass can be had for about $85 from your Audi dealer?

Removing and replacing this mirror is far from difficult but I figured it still wouldn’t hurt to put up a quick video FAQ on the subject.


Additional notes: On the later cars the outside mirrors were often a two piece design with a black plastic piece on the bottom that is held in with several screws. Many people find that removing this trim piece allows for easier access to the mounting tabs that hold the mirror glass in place. Naturally, this makes it less likely that you will break these tabs during the removal process. In my case, using the two tire levers and a small flat screwdriver made for quick removal without any damage but you may want to err on the side of caution if you tend to be heavy handed. 🙂

2013 Glacier Lakes Quattro Club Spring Ice Out Event

2013 Glacier Lakes Quattro Club Spring Ice Out Event

We’ve had an insanely long winter this year in Minnesota the official Glacier Lakes Quattro Club “Spring Ice Out” Event took place later this year in hopes of having some nice weather for a change.  It was mostly sunny but still cool and windy with temps in the upper forties to low fifties (F).  Some nice cars came out to enjoy the day and just to tease us a little we event had a few snow flakes in the air briefly during the event… on May 11th!  Crazy!

We hope you enjoy these photos from the show and would invite you to check out the Glacier Lakes Quattro Club online if you own an Audi and are interested in joining in some of these regional events.